Thursday, October 15, 2015

Psycho - Another Mutation

With their own sense of crisis, corpses fly
supplemented with autonomy and awareness.  
Bro skeletons red splurge and putty ectoplasm,
mannequin lip sync and go to bed because of self-infliction.
Intimate as a slice of zombies as everything's ok.
The new testament in a spray of dead tree becomes a problem.
Earworm from shower head more and more damning,
[Wink] I'll have the legend of Zelda comic sans from MIT -
slaughter hush leather as he climbed on top of Honda
shrinkage in a spot of Target fishing net sagging.
While sleeping satisfied on the desk nose in emails
and the mother lode in parts happened twice -
stalked girls who love that crime-fighting raver,
psycho-healing his toddler cleanly rattled and
mom scalping some cortex having nothing to say.
Polarizing in descent into vacant lot of feelings.
Fuck the dead hissing and become a cry.
Unspeakable prosthesis silent shitposting
in confrontation also butt balm and on a hill mohawk nightly hair.
Serial woman idol happiness bee will "protect you".
Her wrist spurts oxblood and is strange.
Adjusts to formaldehyde moving evil smelling.
Lets the beta creep around and free the lack of absence.

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