Friday, October 23, 2015

Pigeon Emoji

Drop into indoor serial killer, hunt, hesitate, stumble, hiccup, what?.... a goodbye ooze of hat noise beetlejuice of the homesick discharge of a depressed crustacean.... the LOL-elephant found dead sucking its own dick upside down gtfo handbag handle of inverted consent plz transfer momma back through those abusing television gay scalp massage confines freaked out by the sheer patriarchal weapons calendar on it grappling with the silly stones of hypnosis diminishing mass destruction exploding bitterly out of deafening division.... The cycle of ads treats waning valleys; video games boost ditch forensics.... with a wrapping fire blamed for time travel and snowball-inducing blood linked to pills.... meaning wretched laxatives ruined eerie kickass anime sleep on medical planets, you dig ....reinventing rocky horror on its own earth alcohol meaning the crew lurked nipples full of leprosy emojis stacked in pigeon patterns.

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