Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Or Give Terrific

Probably the best use of Facebook is through force, man -
look thanks to a terrific idea there's tragic feces everywhere
Going to be mad at dead effeminate porn star grunge
She wants to live and exhaust a funny Jesus mascot
Fucking the original cheese face of sexism
at the bottom of the deepest bell.
See so much Monty Python on Halloween
in Thailand - "easy to be mad it's only a
matter of women utterly raiding the drama."
Then must frogs buckle down and suckle moon landings
and always fall in love with Dracula? "Yes!"
Then fuckin keep this riff on its head next to a dollar not
related to me in the door to hilarious edge....
Then from brushing their keyboards
Beavis and Butthead start hating each other.
I'm creeping her out begging for
wax saints with day-after asylum breath.
Such as the bean of surveillance hoverboard in
genome halo. "Keep the fire, dude. Follow the catch
master." Why it matters a collective plaque
crazed the ubiquitous cell of the mall up in the phantom glitch,
come out of the salon with a rigorous mini future cut.
For a super fluid genre operates Luke Skywalker -
fuck, he is lonely. White cis x-ray evil
failing on its own pumpkin comfort,
the sweet force of fertilizer gets him involved
in a symphony of purple hair, drone sneezes
and mean cusses in the necrogym - cake shielding
Taylor Swift from the internet of crying and feeling sick.
Bad move, bro. She is not alone with that gorgeous
finger of an adult toy.

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