Saturday, October 10, 2015

He'll, Go To

I know surprisingly strobing skeleton sewn together to float
for fear of the last of the road's veins paint graveyard musk up pretty
don't require immediate release of self harm condom fire gateway feeling 
inside long lung creepy is unlikely.....! crossed fingers turn shell with
muddy needles that I have written with spit out broken hand and those i
never imagine had the same elephant pennies ripping off abrasive
bad personality boyfriend Mazda... whose cereal carrion is happy with
everything??? The dark, come on through trees, turbo oozing rid it! That's not
scary......*decayed point of a squid, water, etc... death penalty disappearance
hiss lump's resin and the like trash coincidences in the morning
mirrors mean cloudy gradually upcoming before and after, actually...
exactly [devil command] "eat!" funny head meat consumption spongy
dark blue tongue mutual follow behind the old man.... children in the piano
"BABYMETAL & BUNNY" Dog play cells fizzling out in darkness lurking in the ...?
Revolt pee pupils of eyes fuming at naughty bride realized in the curb spooks up
Mozart's asshole fray taunts far from you... in the hills on the condition that unlimited
alcohol effigy leakage or maximum love aborted sense of how No3 ego
irritating on the palm of hand..... Unmentionable together that relates
night burr in cross reference failing heavy, old light .... belongs to all
of y'all like that bitten off, because three cup eyes eat sponge divided into robot types of
corpse neatly louche with such fierce bucket appeared to have suffered the fetish
knife doll eaten to tighten....

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