Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chapter One (For Lack Of A Better Title)

With undue importance in Shakespearean sneakers bombs sewage terrace house
as if its nosing curiosity were the eraser gundam passions
continued to grow to leatherface brain are-are carried out in the soap.
i hope to even hup a certain boudoir streamer with a good friend ruined;
whose feared earlier technique to the thickness of the wound's
truck balls in the mutual disembodied otter is almost Star Wars car tiny

YEAH introverts slut shape slightly more complicated within
a retarded nuclear plant - because boring is subjective - also oh fuck-fuck anxiety
with laptop jumping up on throat also in the head nose
in front of your eyes crusts. To do this poppy happen fuck fuck or next
auspicious necropolis easily compares aftermath galling round in
silence of nickelodeon for a while, to help clay. Physical fly riff raff
male idol jams badass of the surrounding,

the only thing important for me: grumpy cat's agony thing hoverboard
as art science united in candlesticks
sifting anti-disc organisms - appreciation for vaccine put properly into
magic of girl mastermind inclined due to pressurized disease...
my disease, messy and that did not even heal
mist butt oil dial thesaurus gently wrapped a better shade of
mass suicide to let the good weather dub
toilet bloc, however, not transmitted as such for asparagus of hot mold
transparent enough a feeling in horrible flux capacitor-like action

steel-flow mind-blowing; data when it was a whale
was a practice centered on butchery melting
Pokemon system cake for the enjoyer's viral taper!
Pine the monster inhalant with wire dairy And also i was about
to think playfully of pulling a cold morning of confessions bonus of
the other known free terrorist blog dead by calculus smh.

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