Sunday, October 11, 2015

Adam & Eve

Adam, the rage and emits a strange voice boy.
Haunting swats the ground delicate and prehistoric.
The lies of machines, radical angels C02 full cream soda,
crack'd a window, twixt archaeology and bugs -
roommate Clarence - the Truman Show signal beauty - the install
ascension, psychotic pluck'd comfy o'er
the distance Ritz pushing light open.
Favor rips do me the flow cat in dragon spine
back from the grave, fuck that tingling.
Board shapes mixing relief Benghazi in the comfort of streets....
Hose revenge with unbreakable reflections of
blotted whiz in drooling time rat's dental JavaScript vs.
video game tusks as gravity loins bong computation starving 
from shame - werewolf for life of
Riker's mole on electricity pathos on which the diamond founded
a love story in collaboration with Eve's creator,
the killer on the couch, dirty watching, cries form
outer space, dumb thumb of prank.

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