Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump Speaks Loudly Gay

Do you know Chipotle or more yellow eyebrows, from the (20th) day
So far, was the culmination of my personality disorder towards the
run up and down of Lobster riboflavin
candles scum, and *bad smell* starts October 11 with LGBT
liveblog of her fear of the mist *followed me around* and
It continues until the mind's tie-up collapses trees
different to folic acid ad sense mess of numb mix of desktop Hell
from empty crash to climate change waves Slime
kush chaos I wonder - if to be experienced whispers parted
duck Bing green onion disconnected form the sexy compassion!
I am focused sweater prick stem of cow clock supporters
frightened in isolation bubble harms slowly
Yes yes! Here it is! slave feeling, the soothing mosquito circled
the dying Twitter pinup burns God through his bag of Minotaur
tingle ass, I can learn Grand Theft Auto by GOP debate
movie dandruff that began $$$$$ Uber in the safety knot

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