Monday, September 7, 2015

Steampunk Death Mock

it's scarier - to be not-alone
with the made-up subjective feeling:
despair's cartoon of death appreciated
in light of the MRI serial killer's churning polar absence
covering a dead account with
coughs of spectacle to 1UP symbolism
activity reviews of worse digital fears
ensure erasure, stimulate the tongue
languishing beneath the house
it's too late! - angels are drinking the decomposition
to stop biological
betrayal by the line between science fiction
(brimming with sleeping twilight stuff ...)
and the fire cream's terror silhouette
welcome: - I can hear them walking
frightened, I see peeling off of the desolate
landscape trance extracts of ancestral steampunk
piano conjoined twins per UFO slit
immobilized, my dick leans over a bizarre hat
to puke, soothed

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