Monday, September 14, 2015

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aggressive superhero w/ broom IRL sucked
blood pressure umbrellas warm w/in sofa
of melting meats looking out into space....
w/ sunken eyes he as it were at the same time
wiped Snow White the fake somnambulist love owl
electroshock burgundy by stabbing her in the side w/
a messy Babadook under Campbell's sunflower water....
too bad weird ass spiderman Gifs turning borderline bitch black dog
Kraftwerk asleep beneath Illuminati mirror skin
jerking Mad Max fossil fuel like body paint off of centipede
organ silk sold device-free out of sheer mad science
satisfies fantasy revenge kissing in the nightclub's grave
and the dark urge to text infinity......?
plague livestreaming its heart-like material straight out of
utopia while masturbating the special locks of its archeology
w/ the masculine kittehs of p0rn fucking w/ the mysteries
of molecules in a spontaneous mixer of healed ribs
could also kill for a mother in a father's head

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