Friday, September 4, 2015

(HEROIN) Circle Triangle

the depression triangle of the vomit circle of the carnival pussy
of his artery's mouth won't let go of the chainsaw curling squid pop typo dark
shoehorn fuck yeahhh... fractured spoon of his muse shooting a caveman's
sense of self; via a collection of rattles within the strangeness ... shut the fuck ...
up desperate splooge the horror wave heals spineless - it was a rat's existence
in that part of the transcendental person  ...people with Jobs DO heroin
purring behind the Movie's high-dimensional mask, kill yourself...
serving the love doll dimension a View: ... graffiti in the world's 2-dimensional
banana heart's galaxy on stalks hypnotizing the Prison Virgin stuffed
as Insect fire mantel itself suffered love bumps ...The Monster expected to mingle ...
more dust stands out like poison on anime thigh shuffle Tetris wife infosec less
hard to deface than some death penalty OS hopping schizophrenic squeaking Iron Racist
DMT-duct-taped X-file Hypochondriac suddenly Googled in a mere passage of low roof
lung Nessie taking in more pig than any respectable curator of Star Wars heroin expected
once in viral glitter to shit goat's latte stretched Out...IT was good it was not raining!
then It would have been even better ...

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