Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hannibal - Another Mutation

Evolution Groping dank memes
behind the Soapy Portrait of the King of the psych ward
Caught them in his BMW self-help looping
OKAY, it's Happening - the Samurai releases his cute Wheel
some Tail Position Absorbs into reverse
Steroids Play on the Meat-eater frozen
You are not.
sending an iPhone 6S like some Unmanned hot dog Through hell
while pig-jelly-speakers Body Rub Horny guys
in a Violent Cannabis Death Haze
emitted by the Thick onion Clarice is Randomly slicing
sending her Hipster mouth into bottled ocean
Good evening.
Wacko OED ignored thru bars
Sicko, fatal, self-inflicted shit is a therapist's next-level-herring
embodied by a robot patient covered in scarlet mud

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