Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bearded Tattoo

Lucifer prowls the Marijuana lantern, sisters and brothers
Impossible-to-hear wizard -
Head of vampire space -
Intermittent Beard tattooed on Micheal Myers
Remote murders
entire market dreams, as if Choking
on Air Jordan horns
Amazon Prime evaporation mountain
Serena Williams Dragon Vagina
Secret Meanings found by Mars Rover
deep in Autumnal Krampus Song
The Graduate Degree Meant 6
Animals stitch chill magic
Ejaculation autonomous with Drums
And Life as a concrete STRAIN
Eclipsed the Child's severed head
in the Drain of McAfee Arrested Development
software 911-ed from a nest
"Stylist Fucking with snake" - Jesus said;
Timeline neck of a Drone on fire,
comrades, I say unto you
Cokes in a Spaceship Covered in General Electric
The Thing's LIES personified by an action figure
The Weakness of Frankenstein in Stunning PS4
Sizzling acoustic to money's Seduction switches!

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