Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To fight the shape-shifting, a dead celebrity uses soap 
and other objects. Fish believe it sucks ass to breathe 
car horn air from the asshole of a hippopotamus -
suicide brook meanwhile subverting fusion. 
To breathe Ant-Man sprays his Rambo magnets with herbicides, 
during meetings in the hands of the sub rosa 
evil theme lurking in HBO comics beneath the heavenly Tamriel, 
then with a hyphen sets a hilly firechoking the crowd's delight 
like a Taunton's rapture shamed by its trucker
"warlock like crazy shepherd mourning swag" - 
sexting her mortal household from a Kit Kat untill... 
by the vertical, cellular bazaar's crooked alphabet
kidneys in the oracle's head explode dildo balls air 
devoid of taste. 

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