Monday, August 31, 2015

Star Trek Fan Fiction

Amnesia spoils Saucer drag in carefree Roomba and the klunk of ignorance in Assimilation Computer carries autumn's Undue Sigh like Jane Austen through the Caucasian abyss in Monogamy Forex 8:30 with demon Bolts so to speak along the Floor Cunt Holodeck, Beige Wedges Absorb Dreads based on the wonder of Empire, wooden sword Gender recital past Binder state, Captain says window for a bug his senpai impulse to Photon Pleat, soon, they say, black Forest deterioration doing Da people absolutely according to a Vex Blueprint upon which Time's Stamp falls in wet ol' Daddy parts '15 /09/12 Unusually pamper ensign Graduation suit, Taste sparkles Deviate from Helical street Crap cocktail back to the Asshole clause of Average problematic fave on the Kinsey Scale, Cute and it is on the doctor's ladder, too, Annihilation gristle barely Pulled out from underneath comfortably warm Cardassians, Marry Federation Lobotomy Power and erectile Evil Emitter, they feel is unsafe, there had been comparatively timely Crumbs, Obscene instrument 9:30 Induced chilly to sleepy Food Species, overwhelming local feeling*

*some words in this poem have been stolen from this amazing article

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