Saturday, August 29, 2015


Kittens wrap the Playboy video novel cheese painting
eraser vertically, high rubber rate of suicide waning
red voice sound of slow wires for you
she lets nature copy the hole of a panda
you steam bug poop
on the international space station!!
get married in a gorgeous toke
let your hair grow weed
she splinter pits naked (pits splinter naked)
a slot raccoon for the stick machine of a smiling man
magic rip off of the 2015 concentration
embracing segmented freak boring the stuff of water
regret concrete'll be flooded roasting each other's
balls nightmares framed psychedelic
tea-html twice with the glue of the door of fear of
distant organs, wasteful
luck connection, when the lug is me (Golden Retriever) all night
upon a dome's money tissue
fever patch hidden from the actual rose
beggars a wound for the makeup
serial air guitar does not change the basic
sky in a dead whale
with sempiternal jetski fail -
stop talking about shit until Halloween
uncertainty monster
cloud gag of an alien word
squeezed tentatively, once cleared
face rot in children

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