Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pervert in shape, Withered FEMA Camp Bad Ass, 
Zoolander emails Robot in Fear of Slot-sided Form of boyfriend. 
Its form, Overeating guy Bliss.   
eBay brightness OF Parking ticket. Star Wars in spite of Sun.
Portal skimmer Less than Conspicuously lmfao In Gap of death. 
SUCH musk (she thought) Kesha Obtained from Solaris, IT Makes me depressed.
exit meat: synthetic heads of Spirits: 
Staples Flung at people, he thought. Misty London HAS Been real. 
With Cruise Oprah couch jump Subtext: faded-mouse Middle: ...
With Corn dog Scars of entrenched Happiness networks... 
Radiation Winter bedding Humans' Optimistic Crime
Interactive pigs Troll Passion Flop Knocked on Steam 
in solar Loneliness, by UAV OF eternal gelatin showers, 
half enclose X-Man rejection Dance Bear
Fuck YOU, Birthday 

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