Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lovecraft - Another Mutation

I'm very horny, skull constipated, blood dating colors,
a food crash turned the legend slippery
I could atomically crap in the garage, become a dead personality with antennae
loss of images embalming blazed, twist twaddle poop human reality
captured by a drug, fame has alienated me from my fans
the online rectum of cancer
indestructible, I can't breathe; I had held the sword; illusion
purple tears cried stoned on Martian plant slug hue unfurled by pedal
fly, a semblance of transit, the Freudian hack exchanging mystical
evacuation; delete shimmer gurgling on face prolly, fuck non-existing
golf course bladder chemical manipulated by
zip-up bowl cunt, deformed metal, lab-grown ancient Egypt -
the sound unobtainable, the missing in Alaska
skeletons desire downloads of quite low smudge
cluster-banged; captured by bicycle; Lovecraft as much as possible
foraged with man-eating gibbering gun, smelled real bad

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