Sunday, August 9, 2015

General Suicide; Minuscule Euphrates 
Sleepy Hollow; You'll have Ink 
Slug Killed; Sex Assumed Rich, white 
Joint Skateboard; Goat Of Sadness 
Banana Leper Displaced; TV Lucid dream 
Burning like Shadow; Blog Implosion 
Bird human Being; Corpses (joking)
Brittle (Laughs); Shape Abused fridge 
Dilated and Boredom shit; mailbox or Dead  
Villain Satellites; Austin Powers Blackface 
Bestial reflections; Bullet-proof Delightful 
Horns Don't belong; Crescent To burn 
Nipple Drape; Hotline Infection 
sci-fi Ibiza Liar; Songs vice 
Glacier Egypt; glue on Temple 
Heart cliff Erase; Sorceries Vessels 
Fell nose; Arm Wandering 
Damsels Than human; Suck Internet ass 
Massacre Fast Food; Purple smoked 
Like heat Source Code; Porn teeth 
The dark upended; Alienated material 
Lose friends. 

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