Friday, August 7, 2015

came zen-like from out of nowhere: 
the snake sniffed 
a cenobite of the stop-motion crusades 
halloween rebounded surreal off his macbook 
erectile ear-strain 
calved ectoplasm: disgusting as scrabble-buttloaded 
dungeons and dragons, 
cocaine through pikachu content 
the clown's tears of iron man's infernal mountainside's fountain 
dimensions of noise morphed long  
from the cosmetic sack of tesla 
could such soviet bionic torture demons (eerrrrrmm)? could such ancient seo  
sleeve online toys 'r' us
confrontational tourist, with merely your exoskeleton on facebook 
my GRANDMA, the pixar counterpart of death bitch
and grampa, arctic elephant of promiscuity 
in THEIR day found gmo to lucidly cradle marijuana  
back to the future hitchbot must die...:
his dirty mind, through that psychedelic door 
found its cheese valve for beautiful ghosts 
they're asking: 
what's happening to me? 

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