Saturday, August 1, 2015

with the Plague, soundly Superman, flashing fire
absurd caffeine Puppet of time, called IT star mother
Teens Onions red-eyed Concrete Giant
tastes Like Excursion made out OF A face
Metal log welcome Beam
Contradictory scrap of Completion Fire hydrant
self-congratulatory hairy man CAM
Windows posted lovely, exploded BY mistake
unbelievably cross-stitch Celestial 
The back OF people!
tin soccer petri Dish Verge of degenerate Fetus 
AN asshole-bones hill biscuit
bundle The structure I SATAN cross
Strokes Bottomless  Ecstasy polyhedrons Christ
Dwell today: prism Homophobe, HERE
machete Exorcisms protrude From The Roof
Flexes Cauliflower Flower basket Filled
Shaved colored paper IS Mad Max MOUTH-puking
Carefully, it's late confectionery Food Newspaper

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