Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Despair Doing MORE harm than (good Head-turning) Waterboard 
Meter Man from Hell's Rubik's Cube Generates Around daylight lights
Decay's Smash-up OF Titanium Penis Nun Feels terrible Whore's Retractor  
Whoops I love her: Kiss Jaded (Swamp fist killer)- Boned Underbelly 
WEIRDLY the Wind-holler of HOT Humanly Kung Fu Donor would dig 
wheezing gas pedal (WITH Two-prong Invisibility Cross yourself 
Feel Puppy, Come on, it's what kills, Pleasures 
warm Arm Mouthpiece of Connector Can work Truck (Other way) 
your Body's needs, my beer, To sprout  Kuato Bros in Angry Walmart clear stream thereof 
Bride of Christ Cartilage Thigh Trunk I started to hit It  
(Her LIES Manga epic whack bubblegum Egg) 
Blonde MUSTACHE Horror Transistor Satan OF factory Glitter Flirts with imaginary Girlfriend's GOTH Mental illness Antenna BDSM Flesh of Jedi Fish eyes' (Firmness to mimic Wetness) Take off your dress (Natural state) HA HA HA HA HA 
Manipulate Joke Sweater and Suck Destroyer class Lion insect (to Accumulate stress)
IN the name of Protecting Women and Cock  

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