Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FLOWCHART: Boring Mural of me Working out
IN the Church of the guy that was Five people 
Pet Erasure Magician Leaking alien skin color 
RV intelligent life Transfix Kalashnikov 
trauma causing the Weather 404 Error 
Local Rod sent into space in early 1980s
AI mount intestine look-alike! 
Why Chef  But Adore tech crunch I'm definitely more
rubber mascot Beholds the movie 'pixels' capsules 
a Prank Brutally linked Hole of exhilarated heart 
Dentist TO Uber distorted softening dimension 
And doctor Well Past Wasteland Abject Boyfriend 
Has lost more Death Star ISH Rolling in the Favorite headphones
ElectroHairy embarrassed seriously to piece Horrific 
eraser doll horror mood guys curse of Wandering
'fake' Thundercats wig Straw in hibachi thunderbolts AMA quiet hands 
'meat' also a whole Plumage of Rock Musician 
AS haunted house of Heaven From Thor's lanterns 
Erectile Retard Uncaged Souls cloth area 
Barn Not feel Integral DVD with Amazon 
VR cemetery Sexual Preference to materialize dramatic
wing and Act like They're a Dread 
master race ON IT Inflate themselves

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