Saturday, July 25, 2015

evenly sprinkled ultra monster facial expressions
live masked without the deja vu 
you'd want to strip plush's boom 
round or round a TV animation program in
Genie's passage of the face in my camera
daughter oh phantom, in whom wilderness was the wrong scale
it's very easy, to really, various units, 
a lot of things
Max Norm does not really like
retro appendix of which it is visible unicorn 
people in car, plant monster 
plunged to the place
people in the air while the metropolitan
era of kidding the inner picture is cool
microphone sprouts
cat hands 1970s hanging!
luminous stunt team, of which it can be passive paper dolls
fresh strawberries that the ultra  physiological came
from creaking leather comics
only you drop all it means
in the mirror calling on Lion Lion
me in the future
I guess is a good person who
is a much deeper hotel scam 
than it is now, going mad
like health appliance wriggling in the
pleasure night
dark everyone peacefully
Vivienne Westwood

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