Friday, June 12, 2015

Satisfying Horror

a foodfight in the dark all by myself
silk of fleshy outerspace lawn
inverse nutbag in seconds, in panic
see electromagnetic backwater another way
salivate echoed consent as agony Siri 
balloon dolphin tomato in vending machine paroxysm
radiation weakling peeing on windshield
souls that trouble unimaginable bugs
morbid budding cute smoke
industrial vanilla cum medication
kissed in a black eye by the hypnotic lie
disco, as satisfying horror, died for nothing
clump of excitement in robot ventriloquism
sunglasses fucked up in an asshole
pain, scorpion white, gets things going;
with flogger robots and an omen's rope
the universe milled in the mouth hole;
miracles saved Earth in the hand job
momentum behind fetid moons
to collect gore, the Dragon Ball head self-paralyzed in a golden toilet
in a dismal voice, in fear, bored of death-accumulation
like personal sewage allowed to weather
in the doom fairy's grave.  

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