Friday, June 5, 2015

Delete This

The teeth of Dürer in the crop circles
In the blunt vegetable taint of an app
The spirit of the insane robot whipping out rope
Like clouds unified at the epicenters of the doctor's hands
The knob fell out Viagra-eating dyslexic
Gravitational orgies on a hardcore moon
Suck a dick through sand
Dimentional waste-shaming
A Nightmare On Elm Street Plastic
Squid organ crippled within the harsh stomach
Subliminal messages code-splatter next door
Skull clutch at the end of the mountain's arm
Minnie Mouse dies at pop music right-angles
A machine sky above car crashes at night
Reality in a pod of abandoned mental institution
Brownie-like poop compression
Dogshit lounge chair impression
Waxen horror Christmas schizophrenic delete

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