Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Slugs of Doom

Serial-killing born of the angel's fork prodding
an ocean of extreme TV in Snoop Dogg egg surgery,
the variable drumbeat of a Jerry Springer Judgment Day
born of chat opiates in NES-induced incest, raunchy bed bugs
depressed bright in theological soap, eBay sediment in
Van Gogh skin circulation. Like a destiny-turtle beneath the snow
of dark lunch, Charlize Theron gives a UFO safe car heat –
the Twin Peaks singing-phenomenon makes love
to psychedelic horses, a blood-giant prostitute
the sci-fi hearse is jerky from, gut-wrenching the e-cigarette 
of Ferengi doom-slugs in a wish machine Disneyland's 
baby spiders use as a dumpster.

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