Monday, May 11, 2015


I punch myself in my sleep as raw as dragons drunk in portals
as onanism mountains pulp in sausage degeneration
dimensions as the trash can I embrace burn a stripe on the ISS full of circle
forfeited in hell with a barbeque yelp by the headbanger source
crystal ball grunt as dark web echoes in Smartphone
a smoother dog in glass with green eyes
I blame the intense insects in my ear pillow
with a plumber’s scream phalanx
normal extraterrestrial death of the normal Iceland
a caterpillar on the small screen
fingers portrait Lewis Carroll’s Pokemon from the odor’s devil
sacred cubes feeding through American Idol
endorsing the product along self-propelling dishes
Starbucks has its thin rabbit hole towering from bush hoodie
may the wind silence with slime and gas an accordion
and hiss from pale rotation’s exhaust pipe
skin’s storm landing back on hand
and with grease silence my new Adidas  

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