Friday, May 29, 2015

Dawn nougat breaks semen green, lays its material confused. Dark inbox designs. Monstrous spoons sorted in a spelling bee. Shakes sad juice on himself. Cool tortoise odor. Shits in peace via miraculous tech. Slavic bitch warm all at once. Earth-born risen warren. Instinctively design the robot asexual, and the dragged sparkle in rat treble dies. The starved space rocket in Coca-Cola mode, a flood of clown potty stretched out. Infinite mutilations dial a rude awakening, whose hummingbird lives dildonically like a hate-figurine floating, whose open-world pilot brings forth burning death Pee-Wee. Fear used the panty gaze across the handlebars of the sea-beast bicycle of ancient goodness. A slumbering Nicolas Cage’s scaly glare looks good. Excel spreadsheet vibe of no escape. Starlight delays in Russian Gatorade. The hollow that invests in white night.  

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