Sunday, April 26, 2015

Storm Bodies

A star’s sound boggling bad porn with feedback
underwater robots tip the moustache of night non-kisses
self-probe the sacred pot emoji fall-off
that hackers Aztec liquid depictions on meds
with a bee of medical flares strain spoons
and fathers aimed the pointed pigs of a mini sleeve’s
sadness Instagram at an underground storm of bodies
fishing for mercy Batman relief clones banana
or the ass-path to blonde alien heart projector
wasting a life exaggerates the script-screaming,
of NASA trolley humor of BFFs won’t end
the spiderwipe of a crawling ghost kills geek
estrogen omelets postmortem reach outer space
vivaciously head tumor trees in vibrations
in a bar the Matrix is the soccer, a fresh darkness book
cookie that the transplant of a Lego brick shall in deaths
rise as the prostitutes, the murdered blood bride
hidden in the drama of gaming rubs the moon red smoke
butterfly coating Nazi toys cannibalizing the cosplay joke wand 

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