Saturday, April 25, 2015

Part 1

angry attachment
of uncertain ham fist
release atheistic
funny grocery

help a wise browser
reusable spiritual
life gob with profound
mind-genitals repression
into a brownie

crypto tear-jerking
Google Street View
clicking serious
pet cis contemporary

witty terrible 
political hobbit
classic, literally morbid
personal teenage

mental occasionally
and collapses earthy
into murder mythic
heartbreaking syringe

blaze finder bonanza beard
rather rattle cities like Bruce Banner!!!
on hell recipes amid
leafy osteoporosis

the death radius
leaked killer rinds
of tea ashes horror
strike sci-fi pose
taste a butcher’s fossils

human behavior myth
as sword out of ass
universal pleasant igloo
Trekkies of the dystopia
given digital pause

memories of dark piss
leather side shields sunglasses
sunsets eccentric chaos jammer
oscillating prosthetics
on account of crap LEDs 

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