Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Glop Out

your junk adding inches of comic sans voids inside-out
cozy upon snowman sardine lattices
in healing paracetamol avoids a painful doorknob
chunks decomposing and covering lunar curiosities the hottest
rot pommel bad trip glop out nook shadow bodily fluids outline
the doors opened cadaver indifference to the magical pump  

intangible lube anchoring bowel 
limited the warning rinse of hungry skinless
69ing based on e.g. fun data i.e.
a budding Nirvana baby album cover
new worlds swarming under the fetus
her suicide handhold now dead
decaying muppets in the salvation pit
I didn't even do nuthin...
millennials peering through the wizard tract at
the moon-landing self online – “buy my thick
dripping shit yeah”

“sludge through an everlasting flopping
hated neck penis as it stands out yellow
tacky human golf goes bad abductor finger
slicing the cavity up to the hamster wheel
poking with love toilet reflexes
Vaseline corpse juice mouth blood  

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