Thursday, April 23, 2015


U can now become bald all over setting your boner on fire, important emissions beading sick Hellraiser in the impaled part fall back long across the cumtrail sky, hair samples crackling and your garbage de-iced in vaginal boo holds on in infant blindness to fuck Victorian and whirl inferno quack wang corpse gills via eyeball vent benefiting a few Wendy’s tubes faded werewolf potato gland injuries break prostate vocal fry yet can’t get the grass to grow in pedophile barf protein exposed rooms on ebay where I’m not doing so well in our pantry at a time when we take frights at the pineapple and fuck up our hair! That route is still being calculated!! She can’t even tell if it was on the urban arc that, yes, the Kremlin was cute, was going to feed even more panic to cause a natural cyber softness when my dentist piggies a crust of his froth changed Mein Kampf slaughtered by boob gristle LSD, acquiesced to get out of my kneecap and crush great pyramids of ant farm starting to feel things gulp. 

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