Tuesday, April 7, 2015

at the height of the FLU LANDFILL, lizards orgasmically quicksand   
like an inanimate cell phone, stigma ejaculates shame-toxins
the honey of the MYTHICAL STICK FIGURE infects rabbits
the apocalypse is coming from INSIDE HIS BICYCLE   
debauched orc, purveyor of the graveyard peanut
transcendental bro, last cookie eater dude
easter bunny steak knife dripping its HELLPISS
feeding the very monster, the liquid soul of hyperbole self-mutilates
the senile self-decapitate steamy, SKIN FARTS depicting cubes in the fires of Cern
repulsive math in droves of cultural diapercode ON THE PLEASUREPLANET 
shits in volcano driveway
emerging air-conditioner ASS pools into death threat wheel 

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