Thursday, April 2, 2015

his t-shirt waxing anthropomorphic on infinite filaments
a dying Craigslist of shrunken head and futuristic iron hands 
spiritual clothing synchronizes cursed kinetic flipper with lamp 
piles of Christmas tree rhinoceros stink-eye sunken in truth
corpses stain the family pack shifting their specter into context 
in the dark pillow fight hooks grisly supernatural body language fetish
latch on to Stephen Hawking dangling hell’s butterfly ramifications in moss disguise
occupy the vulture ribs of public peeing anxiety with prostate cripple grasp rub 
a whimsical stranger in flip flops that smother masturbation with string
a coffee poop hankering bleeding testicle spittle normal screwed ‘twingy’
wicked browser history insides purr webbed seep fetish razor blade in earmuffs 

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