Thursday, March 19, 2015

Masturbation through pinball, meat numbness through glass, the chaos posing in joined tension as sprites peel back and break your sack – a disgusting, tangled-up lung’s negative, menacing tastebud, eye slime gets in hair, quarry in which the eye gets harder – harder into beeping shadows – cartoon technology through magic’s concave nerve, fisting the cell’s mechanical soda grows gloop back in cute narcissism – acid rats hiss electric foreskin decaying around a replica affinity between silver screens and a very, very long belly button; envy of an unconscious ghost, television rooted in evil spewing, STD rotted sunlight – heart-roll like a hypnotic flower – crooked mist pulsing morbid impenetrability, when the blackness of the blood rib phlegm fiend’s convulsion guns cum cheesiness; sick violent constriction connects them beneath the delicious surface, real hyper appeal disappeared morphed in gang bang lies jammed into a rectangular throat 

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