Thursday, March 12, 2015

cramp fart anal blood fuzz dusting
of bones of the land across the anus
glass with a deceased color satisfies the root canal analogy
a tentacled ape Oreo organ tensile plant’s
beauty sperm’s doll drill alien strike 
dormant Sleeping Beauty ass self-healing bug Aero
with a subjective arm in the kink synthesis
Mars excretes arachnid brain revealer
pants-wetting unrealistic dead toddler vaseline
into the comments section’s observed lathe
as I’m a recognizable zero or adhesive infirm aid tungsten
queue my whim with us tabloid clear or mining emotional triquetra
nursing ingrained in a meme transposed from tangible underpinning
forever sexualized bat sweat muscle relaxer with violence
spoon-perpetrate vulnerable to sweet sex drug 

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