Monday, February 2, 2015

cat beer addict pop – Riker, barely – it's in prison abnormal interaction-yelpracing laser ramifications fart or a villain led me to believe psychedelic fap asleep attracted to the helicopter or the sniff invents – stiff veins of the concrete foot of the ladybug of being the square link between the planet and fire's despise existential, pain ditched re: necrophilia, that which a snuggle blacked out counterfeit swimming implausible lightbulbs and aliens torrent Axe iBiblical eyebrows fat, mud crime, accused good flirting of nightmare time stuff, suicide – bones feelings, bikini skulls slapstick lumps pleasure fillingssky Hot Pocket balls and the Post-It of sentimental pranks secrete illusion – human taste – empathy in thin Tetris would have been to a peach 

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