Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ant Man While Darkly Pooping

The Breath and the Teeth, Star Trek changed cluster to the human torrent,
the berserk spider talking to myself helped cloak, a nest of ceiling fan gap voice
in werewolf hate oils, disappeared inside the door. The mad as hell dinosaur killer
of 1984, his car’s muscles. Ant-Man’s weed piss puppy tracts
on hearty mountings. The meaningless, smoothly varying flavors
tiny symbols detached from fortune cookie physics helped fashion dark brown.
The mess of a dead neighbor on Andromeda’s dust island. End Times condensation,
Terminator burial Walkman and guitar bites rote Lucifer
in glass heels text bats. Video game ass footage – parrots tarot –  
farty kettle snot museum Prius thick on the couch, serial anime
via the push of inner child sweater borderline dangerous in a symphony
of thin whistles pools the dipshit nebula via Hitler’s dark wet bottom.

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