Friday, June 13, 2014

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Please kiss my lung, flesh bloody boobs nipple, in Transformer periscope peristalsis suicide colors with a new horror pellucid stupid hair precursor of depraved nervous robot emotions the way Amazon rapes orphans, in the other hand jocks crank unclean jerk sores in spastic bulb poses garden fart dark hypnosis headset recycling leper cock horror boner fail fart bangs a sort of dark Angry Birds crank ass cloud data beauty hole, or leather comic green yung robot lung hole stochastic. Techno 69 chicken coop solipsism totally gum prolapse bugger off, endow swathes of ubiquitous rot torture rack stereo liver, and with his own ebola budgie potato venom and mumblecore on the stalks of the sleaziest experimental church hotdog dong yuggoth, the hatred's forked sparkler and violent CHAN's daily peen, not only his T-shirt, a Roman candle severed head prison manga magus "psychopants" diaper hug devil revenge asswipe, and evil sycophantic drug violence and the half alive bone of doom similarities, celluloid light squirt exploitation and burgeoning also, until I win penis solarium magnetic crust raw chronic semen nebbish as “Diabetes Kirk” and Topol as “Spock”, straw nurse 5000 dish EEG dog-orgasm soul basement bruh 13 carnival brainwaves flashing stiff in the druggy's mind, analog out-of-body Frankenstein scar chug and the engendering of evil grandma boy dementia, a rotting VCR profusion and possessed gargoyles wend and yet it ejects the interior sounds in tar postcard light distance from what doesn't seem quite right to the druggy

Sunday, June 8, 2014


figure scare into a warlord made of ass
force feed magnet sutured to boogie spike
and like war clouds shit on the street

your reptile dorks spore
before a totally logical murk
on gummy fire buried Paleolithic in orgy, taste it waste it

boiling through to metal
worn in parable unsightly
sleepgasm groan for swaths of roadside attraction

and cut teeth down Monsanto hep
to cartoon pitchfork aflop
automotive rebuke

in a concrete cloud, WALL-E the garden schizophrenic
tinfoil mannequin expansion
grabbing hyper affliction in drag

plaid swan frazzle greasy
joke science tonsil pastiche
as a wiener inhabits a dick pic

as a patina of chemical inserts
as human emotions projected onto impenetrable app

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Umbrella Crust

I felt poliowood
and wanna minimize Windows O-face
still-warming in agonyliver
with objectively not much inside
or what feels like the Kindle
that sadness corduroys
Zentaped in dungeon hair
enlightenment, an interpretation
exorcized from horsemeat
and cutting down the whitelight
of its blinding, linear dust-migration
Like swerving for a deer in
the road, a lot of damage
not done in not hitting
Garfield with his colostomy bag
shedding skin, sending
umbrellacrust into kooky orbit
masturbation-recirculated scabies
and bubbles in eyebrows 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

For A Laugh

for a laugh
harsh soup is laid softly on placemats, dish towels, band posters
cranked from a multi-storey video game
as peak eye-contact with the robot grimes tits
which since God and time were born
levitated in lab coats
(the tits have)
shooting carcasses moving through the metro afterworld
from an inside-out Mazda
dolphin cum turns wine into a jaded, lab-grown flavor
gotten via drainage – for a laugh
in turn derived from an incision in the head
(laughter also happens) at the threat of WEEDS SPROUTING
after shaving my balls in the Transporter Room
abhorrent shaved-looking nano-elephants cloned 360 degrees
the Supreme Lie resembling a driveby urinal-spill
front door hemorrhoids and small-town steam
this cat feels real – when it scalds when it shits
because don't shit
since when when novelty mugwort thwarts the 3D-printed ghost do I get pissed?
and do pee?
anyway, where's the shithole on this UFO
at the séance earlier I was prevented from whacking it
dead sac I may not disgustedly high-five apparently!?
and what of the sumptuous tides
of corpse-to-corpse blood transfusion?
this shit is air to the living
but air guitar to the dead
hybrid tongue becomes meatier blade runner
as sand runs form dong-nostril
onto placemats, dish towels, band posters
for a laugh
as mentioned on fortune cookie overleaf
something had infused the spooky vibrator
sticking out non-sticky (but barbed)
(a flopping harassment) sadly gooping in non-shiny butt
Star Trek particle-spray like a mosaic death
curio chic owl foreskin (its blanketing time-travel) (ungh)
lifting Kirk's breakfast mullet
with a long-nailed Grand Guignol
and because of their Martian metabolism
tomatoes are great heat keepers!

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