Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Wax Fruit In Dune

weird worms go anywhere
like a penis, handcrafted Chuck-e-Cheese
lab spirit love glimpse via the wardrobe’s Mickey Mouse
ironically scraping poop off of antlers
circuits hark at the gift guide, interject with an exploding head
the darkest missing pet bastard inside out suit
spider solid math medley secluded in ugly sweater
penis tempest erect as the sisterhood rips it out
(swallowing the scream in the mug)
(suffering the egg timer’s thyroid chin)
for Linux butchers cheese, glittering bloody vape
crypto twitch digests MS Paint
eats heat thud alive via Agent Cooper’s fruit wax
the worms in Dune look like dicks, fossil aerobically
but their moving parts geek to the massacre
but big man x-rays at cop funerals set up counter-claw 

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