Monday, December 8, 2014

The Devil Blocked Me

Squid kill deer as a 2001 space odyssey 
inks the pyramids and Chernobyl 
single-handedly fans a joint!
well now all the pics relax
and cry goop athrough balding eyes
your asshole tears a new you!

seethes death's negative energy
as wriggle becomes urban legend
and snapchat butters hat
surfs the full moon's log (in Hawaii) 
as funny abstract neurotransmitter 
tucks into urinals swollen with gnarl
and every oink oink in-between
super Mario hunchback as bacon knot
of police officer licks orphan!

As peace perpetuates gun
fire foams in horse bellyache!
Rocky's flipper, though
tooling Gatorade around in insomnia
as anarchy = Jehovah's witnesses
in tungsten dies alone, misunderstood
the Devil blocked me I can't #believeit!

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