Friday, December 19, 2014

data 2010 of
the normal beach bubble

towel tongue
jonesing for
innate popsicle

on a dime 
remixes LSD
to default goblin

of global
duck gray with….

cook pine
in pain

inject with….. 
shoot my dog

balls-deep in diaper
shapes of sounds;

the stream opening
a subtext of exteriors

mono sky-eyes
full of blood –

bliss techniques
dribble marshmallow
midair Toyota
chevron twinkle with….

the jazz process
of your enemies
then stayed on:

Dali’s tears belched
from the slashed lens
of circle burn

blow job 3D-printed
King clockface
Aknefuk on
quaaludes in
ghoulish schmooze

apathy FM-

the Manson experiment's
mousehead jizz
magic threat

Matches soft moon Stefan’s
matchbox glands
pussy foot 
baby blinder

splooshes dead pigs with….
the striations of torture
not always visible

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