Monday, December 22, 2014

mysterious night curve Friday in a boat
dry against dead scary cherry sank a big heart
bloated elderly Japanese static teddy leather

drain of mirrors furnace tomorrow blasts backwards
verboten major sticky strained Warhol’s swastika
Jesus mounting really hates humans
really leave who amongst the most damned lawnmower
as the brain morass fucks a girl

ugggghhhn 15 minutes of synthesized birdcage
little bunnies eeeeeee, whores as waterproof, giants, elusive
bring in the shake isolating deepthroat meaningful Axe
tomb pour O dicks shits
feel intrusive killing as well bleed out intrusive

worry anxious same goes itchy meta
rapping Reagan Oi since first wig caramel
screeches can’t burger asking if the system is fucked
imaginary lalalalala draws pawing dark metal
merry steak knife floods if glitter goes blank

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