Friday, November 28, 2014

Failson Autism

magnetic duct MMORPG undisguised dick echo
from unconscious supercomputer to Japan,
the queer blood Barbie colossus slick
spider paste peg streaming the monstrosity
with cephalic punch interface of sticky GPS, grainy dreams
now long overgrown dream-addled disturbed in
cop loneliness spews the blood, a dinosaur-pile feeling
from within a child's balls, crying the blood terminals
panda afterbirth in lawnmower static electricity
latch fussball hacked toilet dying on my bicycle...
I chug helicopter beefcake laughing subterranean acoustic
whip inverted, as you unite the demon copy ribbed laser sensitivity
dark jerking insanity of hipster missing narcissist
swells Pokémon pope tampon, zombie Bic spoon dusk
streams such pharmacopeias as road cone moon bling impact-werewolf
manslaughter obliquely, the clickhole bevy Linux breaks tits
tumblers shroud the best, acetylene drones like hell, Tokyo's bloodstain
gravity tush flower aesthetic and she kisses gangster stool in our mindblowing
dick's throat and I bloom dreadful, a nightmare fashioned
after earth-toned windex and the shame flexes the goat steel gamut

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