Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fuck Yeah Mom

the fuck video game
Oreo of Tarantino
white, male, alien leaked threads, self-aware,
extending hatred

I am the
last homophobe

the Cookie Monster mass shooting
started to disappoint the hippie:

I stick the ghostly mess post-apocalyptic in a calcified host
fruition circling the cookie console describes a narcissistic suicide

the brunt of an Euclidean vibe averts Muslim social media
like a rejection-python, high jinks-shrouded –
former pieces formed pierce

ahhh rummage bald;
in beta YOLO
a bladder fizzles
steam stems from panic

foaming at the
girl grave

an Ikea-dimension
inspired the tableaux-cut:
the pillow fart of passing Kool-Aid
disappeared through a jar as

if face-flossed at a D&D swimming lesson
the dead man paring karate with paralysis,
fuck yeah mom, Helter Skelter,

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