Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not Good Bright Light Bad For Bare Legs

A naked woman sits atop a giant CTR monitor
In the ad, a chicken zooms transhuman through the malignant cable
Growing cock stinks, then eclipses the haunted cathode
The cawing of big data in an immaculate gym
A whole lot of sperm threatened by crying
Nerf balls unbunlding behind the eyes, fucking with you
Czar-like, a two-legged Telecoms stereotype afflicted with the paint-sag of ghostly fireworks
Santa climbs down areola chimneys
White trash screaming and knives ensue around a Christmas tree
Also hell-shame within the wildly cursed guts, wrapped in the dragon organ of his coat
Swoosh of stiff gore, then Joe’s orgasm
Dachshund jizz is the boring spirit molecule of Google’s not good bright light bad for bare legs
As a buzzing glob of death comprised of secret variants of internally damaged mushroom
As an ingrown pile of shit the crematorium conceals as a popping swamp of misfortune
The Sims excised from human waste the emotions of a lovecop, of Jesus Christ
Synonymous with Doctor Who fucking anacondas in mosaic Burger King blue
Deepening when nailed to a cereal box
Love app stitching ripped contracting into fins

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