Friday, October 3, 2014

Power Polio

The beauty of sunspots on a toilet. A penis in knots,
heavy with the healing rattle of prison and the untraceable saliva
in a McDonald's crueler plant, beaming the acid halos of a televangelist's tickle.
Its polio-powered suicide bag's music walls in its own crystal heart's nuts.
Swallows and shoots mysterious needles from nightmares of rotting stars
frozen in HD strips – an umbrella levitating in
depression Tesla-powers enough poop
to poison the meat pillowcase.
Hypnotic OED sucks plastic gorilla.
Demon puppy duck dog man hummus mounts humans.
Abortion in hybrid nostrils licks oven mitts in an invasive dick move.
Eats stinking after-death nursery tattoo, the ass photoshopped.
Kicked by trill ebola man penis.
In probably enough video game for one day.

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