Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Hipster

yellow fart phone repeatedly widely paradox sandwich, a kitty litter dispenser Bible gonna kill this bitch pretty hard dick dog 51% K-Swiss domestic violence toward monster magnolia butt on cavemen feet step on a rake; I just need some more goat-damning, pussy in the candy bladder of a lost couch time travels to kill Hitler, cement mixer magic sucks titty up in the dick of universe as refrigerator – suck my Twinkie blunt disco riven Garfield as fuck, Victorian garbage ghosts and a more Cosmopolitan telly tubby ghost flea fang fuck Daft Punk in the false conscience … Please kill it, as little green people grow rocks on my cock – no, as I order – a go-kart into the fucking grapevine, my bitch motherfucker Stephen Hawking's ho, because money is ALWAYS a sex thing – it isn't as harmless as I blowjob my WHITE mom and dad in frat devil anger and anger-turtles pump gas skywalker-like undulant barnacle balls in a restroom fire = the psychokinetic violent crime of the false juggle.

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