Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beer Ozone

Tree as condemned metaphor disfigured in a pleasant sprawl in standard mandatory stylish hazmat suit chokes balloonsick on cock stress stench bioshock and nozzle-time shamble together on e.g. egg scaffolds; once-nice dentures horrorchime; i.e. port-hording poisonous poop tangles, below. Bladder bots hauling nanopiss in nanobuckets fap drain jaw pork spook beater and a mobile device's heavy torture-wallpaper tile Cthulhu teal, the colorful meat punctuation like an evil protruding gruesome landfill. PVC egos' 60's style meteors in macabre ghettoblaster-like disarray slip ozone as one beer through Final Fantasy III with the ill-advised redneck tweezer mechanics of a KitchenAid Nintendo Tupac coarsely CGI's from 4D vape spirit into bullshit 3D Slenderman in 2D pajama tubes cut down all honey-jagged self-validating spam on a veined tombstone corrugated with the scent of soul as city.

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