Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Duck Hunt Dog

The duck hunt dog B-movie
takes a dystopian look at clay
pigeons supplanting actual
ducks. Fang holes deflate in
frisbee dough like beige after-sex.
So the crawling pond-drooler
has once again attacked a queer
nothing. Sad semblances of a
frolicking fire hose lynching
an impossible explosion of
towels, personalized clown
condom piercing with a BANG!
Blunt wormwood aftertaste.
Your daily rock supplement
of complete refrigerator magnet
Bible, an upskirt reflector
shiny as psych warden shoes in
the opaque ebola traffic, trolling
the Beat poetry crypto-Shatner
blood-worshiping in the still-
warm blown cannabis air.
The cannibal entity's exo-anal
components fanning autopsy
phlegm into bubbling scorpion
prolapse, extracting a solvent
for the void from potato chips
wasting in a Freudian claymation
of sharknado stomach patterns
rotting at the roots of the
grief-organ, a sad theoretical time-
glitch amongst mice hugging,
in the movie theater. 

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